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The Hungry Soul

The Hungry Soul Coaching Company is a team of three unique individuals providing a unique style of Executive Coaching delivering transformational life and career guidance to corporate clients in the United States and Canada.

To get things moving quickly, I built a landing page with some brief information, e-mail capture, a free download and contact details. This allowed them to get under way with marketing their business while I built the site.

Nelson Chaves, Executive Coach with THS has a background in creative arts and a great eye for design. I worked with Nelson through several iterations of marketing documents that he had prepared to translate his ideas and content into a structured website.

Since THS are providing something of a first in the corporate coaching industry, visitors really need to understand what it is that makes it so unique, and what they can expect to achieve.

I kept the site free of distracting images and limited the amount of movement. The pastel colours of their brand are used to highlight the Call To Actions and accent certain elements - projecting the feeling of calm that their work is designed to create, and keeping the visitor focused on the important information.

Although they provide individual services, they are launching with a flagship programme designed for corporate America. Most of their visitors can be expected from desktop, so I designed desktop first, and mobile second.

To generate engagement, THS offer a free three day sample programme in exchange for the clients email address. To make sure that it’s seen by every visitor, I set this up as a popup, rather than in a static location within the homepage. Every visitor has to take action to either close the window or submit the mail. This generates inbound leads that THS can follow up with.

The site will continue to develop as the business grows and new offers come on stream, with features such as online content and events already in plan.


The Hungry Soul

The Hungry Soul Coaching Company

We were looking for someone to build a website that had the goods to build something exciting and unique and was a fantastic communicator who could walk us through the process when needed but really could take direction and run with it.

OneDigitalNation were an absolute pleasure to work with. They really listened to our challenges, provided great feedback as needed, detailed, innovative and sent all the deliverables on time.

I highly recommend ODN for any website and design builds and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Nelson Chaves

Executive Coach

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