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Website Design & Build

Website Design & Build


ActiveMaps.Live is an innovative, map-based data visualisation platform created by some brilliant minds at 3DEO.

When I met 3DEO, their website was letting them down badly. Built on a Wordpress platform, it was difficult to maintain, and several employees had taken turns to make changes. It was very disjointed, with no clear communication of the product or its value proposition. It had got to the point where, during sales calls, if a prospective client said “I’ve looked at your website” everyone cringed. They knew it wasn’t good and desperately in need of some work.

As a first step, I created a temporary landing page, making full use of their hypnotic looping video (which was the one thing that prospects always found good about their old site), to tease an exciting new website . I added an e-mail capture form for visitors to get in touch while the new site was developed.

When I asked them what they wanted from their website, they were very clear on the objectives

Ease of use
Clearly communicate what their product does
Keep visitors up to date with company news
Generate inbound leads

With a powerful and simple Content Management System behind the site, it really is easy for 3DEO to keep their site visitors up to date with latest news and events. A Blog on the homepage, a Case Studies page showcasing their latest work, and a Careers page - all managed self sufficiently by their sales and marketing team - no need for outside help.

When it came to site design, 3DEO already had a strong brand which I factored in, making use of their colour scheme across the site to segment information. That looping video articulates visually what the company do, so again that became a central part of the site, and the first thing that visitors see. I placed the hero message and a Call To Action prominently over the video, immediately inviting visitors to make that first contact. I asked them to distil their value proposition into a few paragraphs. What problem are they solving? And what is the key benefit for users of the ActiveMaps.Live platform? Once we had that, we worked on iconography, illustrative visuals and integrating their explainer videos to help tell their story.

3DEO work in industries that value in-person contact over text-based chat, so I integrated a free-to-use call scheduling tool that allows visitors to set up a conversation directly with their sales team. For visitors that prefer it, I integrated their website with the Chatbot functionality in their existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, I also added in the standard forms inviting users to subscribe to the 3DEO newsletter or contact them directly using a web-form.

Lastly, as a business software supplier, 3DEO provide Service Level Agreements which include mechanisms for reporting issues. To make it easy for users to report minor issues, I integrated the website with their support desk software. Users can create support tickets (including supporting documents and screenshots) directly - reducing admin effort for 3DEO and helping to speed up the customer response.

OneDigitalNation were very professional. They worked with us to really understand what we wanted to achieve. We trusted them to design something eye-catching that would help us sell our story and they nailed it.

Keeping our site up to date is so much easier, and we have much more visibility over where our traffic is coming from, which really helps us to plan sales and marketing campaigns.

Andrew MacPherson


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